Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two deadly seconds..!!

Local(train) is a commonly used mode of transportation in India. It has become a part of life, especially for the people living in metro cities. Still I have seen many people having scared with the rail journey. I would say it is only you who makes it scary. I don’t know why people avoid following the railway rules. As a primary expectation, can’t we follow the basic rules or the rules which makes sense to follow it? I had witnessed the incident when everybody was thinking about those 2 seconds.

One of my friends had to leave for Mumbai as his mother was alone at home. I went to railway station to drop him. We were waiting for the 7.30pm lonavala local on the platform. We saw one middle age couple, moving towards the platform where we were waiting for the train. Instead of having a long path going over the bridge, they decided to go with the shortest path by crossing the railway line. We guessed that they want to catch the local too.

After looking at them, we (my friend and I) saw towards the rail signals as it was a time for the local to arrive at Akurdi station. Surprised! Signals were green and still that couple had courage to cross the railway line. People started shouting at that couple and asking them not to cross the same. But they did not respond a single word and continued their journey towards hell. Ohhh God! Suddenly we saw the local coming towards the station. Unknowingly we started shouting too. The man had caught the platform and the woman was still struggling with the heavy feet. It was a very horrible moment when the man was trying his best to get her on to the platform knowing that the train is hardly few meters away from her. We couldn’t stop our self and ran to pull her with the heavy thoughts in mind and with lord Ganesh’s blessings we managed to get her on to the platform successfully just two seconds before local crossed her. Thanks a ton to the train driver who slowed down the train after knowing about the incident.

The death had just passed for the woman and she was on the platform with the heart running with larger beats. Suddenly there was a pin drop silence on the platform and everybody took the deep breath. But life doesn’t stops for anyone. The entire passengers who were waiting for the train got into the train, but my friend was still steering at that couple, especially a man with the angry eyes. He shouted at the man and warned him not to repeat the mistake again if his life is not cheap. The local was about to depart from station and I asked him to get in. The train left with the passengers towards lonavala and the couple was still there on platform. Interesting, they were not doing all that drama to catch the train, in fact later I came to know that they are local resident of Akurdi and they were moving to their home after the daily work. That was even embarrassing when the couple had a chicky smile on their face and left from there!

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